I want you to be able to reach reach a place of joyful creative flow, to be intuitive and trust your wisdom. I want you to be a nurtured artist and embody the fullness of your you-ness.


Courses are structured to top up your creative mojo, helping you focus, giving inspiration, techniques, and ideas to continue with beyond the course. You will be able to try different ways of working and finish with a unique, heartfelt creation.


Creativity is my ‘Me’ time – like a mini retreat at the bottom of my garden – nourishing and joyful.

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Over time, and a couple of burnouts, I have learnt how important that connection is to creativity – not only the connection to others who live their best life when they are making but also inner connection to my soul-space – because that is where I create from. Once I clear the way and come back into who I am, it is much easier to be creative and share my gifts.  I have found that the space I enter when I meditate, when I am connected to myself through yoga, when I am speaking my truth, have asserted boundaries, that is where I enter a space where I feel whole. And from that peace, I can create. Without the noise of my head, I can be grounded and embrace the energy and power within. When I am there, my art is strong, definite and joyful.

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My Soul-space courses are for you if:

  • You like to create heartfelt art

  • You like to mix image and affirmation

  • You love colour

  • You want a creative boost

  • You like to collage and paint but feel less confident drawing

  • You like to lose yourself in the moment

  • You like to create art that is joyful and uplifting

Courses consist of video content and are supported by a private facebook forum for feedback, community and to share ideas. You can access the password protected pages for three weeks and complete the tasks at your own pace. You can find out more details and a materials list on the course listings by clicking the link below. If you have any questions, please get in touch by email or with the chat box.

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