A Year of Noticing – transformational workshops that awaken your creativity, encourage you to follow your intuition, and journey to the other side of creative-block - in freedom and flow.


What would it mean to feel fulfilled in your creativity? More finished pieces or creating pieces that feel unique to you? Once we have achieved a level of accomplishment with our creative work, we can feel like we are treading water and reproducing the same style or image. We can feel stuck and that we haven't grown for a while. I think that is when you need to go back to the beginning, to shake up the process and start again. How would it feel to be authentic in you process? To know what the root was – not from taking a photo or seeing something on Pinterest, but from connecting to yourself, to your world, and expressing what you see with line, shape, pattern and texture. Creating with integrity and soul, inspired by what feels true to you, creating images that resonate with others and allow you to feel joy in the process.


I can create this transformation with you, moving you from feeling stagnant to being in flow and communicating JOY.

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My own life journey has seen times of being disconnected, times of burnout and the feeling that I would never be able to create with confidence again. Like life, creativity ebbs and flows but with nourishment and self-acceptance you can give yourself permission to take the steps needed to flow.

Once you release the idea of outcome, and allow the process to unfurl, letting go of expectation, you can allow your truest and most beautiful creations to come out. Allow me to take you through the stages of creativity, to nurture you as an artist so your truest and most beautiful work can come to life.


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A Year of Noticing - An online retreat for each season


Noticing – taking time to wander and wonder, connecting to nature, looking outwards.

Noticing – because we haven’t had the same spaces and places to receive support. We haven’t been able to take our own time and check in with ourselves – seeing what we need to nourish ourselves with is so important. I will create the space and tasks to reconnect to self.


Noticing – how we move out of our low ebbs, how we gain traction on our creative dreams. How when we say, ‘What happens if’ and move out of perfectionist endpoint thinking, we can put one foot in front of the other….


Take your creativity off the bottom of a never-ending to-do list and through meditation, journaling, holistic connection to nature, you can start to process ideas to lead you forwards.


When you know that you need to validate your self – validate your need for time and creativity – then you can start to grow and celebrate and move into being true to yourself.


I want to create a space that allows for the vulnerability in the creative process, where you are held and supported in undertaking creative practices that are symbolic and mindful.

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The retreats are for you if:

  • You have run out of creative juice and your mojo needs a boost.

  • You want to connect art and soul

  • Your to-do list never includes what you actually want to do

  • You want to go deeper into your creative well

  • You want to create intuitive artwork

  • You want to journey through the seasons and connect with nature’s beat

  • Your creativity needs a holistic boost – tapping into all the senses to make you feel alive

  • You want to get to a place of feeling joy when you are making.


Each weekend retreat runs from Friday to Sunday and is a launch pad for getting in touch with yourself and your creativity in the season ahead. The journey will include reflective journaling, meditation, intention setting, art connected to the season and preparation for carrying on beyond the weekend. After the weekend you’ll receive more suggestions to keep you rooted in growing with the season. You will also be welcomed into an online forum to stay connected and share support and ideas.

Courses consist of video content and are supported by a private facebook forum for feedback. The retreat starts and ends with a Zoom meet-up and activities run in real time across a weekend. You can access the password protected pages for twelve weeks and revisit the tasks. You can find out more details and a materials list on the course listings by clicking the link below. If you have any questions, please get in touch by email or with the chat box.

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