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My courses all start with this freedom of exploring, of connecting with nature and gathering ideas. Through mark making and drawing these ideas are explored before being curated and condensed into an idea that can be moved towards with mixed media techniques of drawing, painting and layering. That journey, not fixed on an end point, but working intuitively and allowing images to unfurl becomes addictive – staying curious not perfect gives you permission to explore and find flow.

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Creating my landscape based courses, I have developed a portal into a space where you can process experiencing, looking and gathering in the landscape. Nature will show us shape, colour and pattern and you will be able to interpret these with a range of techniques, building a mixed-media sketchbook. Each course focusses on a different theme:


A walk in the woods – create an unfolding sketchbook inspired by the trees, developing a sense of flow getting past fear of getting started.


A bend in the river – creating landscapes with shape and dynamic composition

Earthing – a texture and mark making course to represent nature’s details and colours


Stitching the stillness – developing mark and atmosphere in a textile based, stitched piece.

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I didn’t mean to become a landscape artist – it was a genre that I fell into! I meant to explore memory of place and some of those were landscapes, and they resonated with people. Capturing a moment in nature – arrested by the light, the colour, the narrative of a scene became how I expressed myself. The air is always vibrating with images and being an artist is deciding which one to capture!

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One of my favourite books is DH Lawrence’s the Rainbow. I read it when I was 18 and ten years later made my home not far from where Lawrence had lived in Nottinghamshire. Lawrence too found himself between the natural world and the industrial, between freedom and control.


My art finds itself in that space too. I want to be free and expressive, inspired by a moment. I don’t want to feel controlled by technique or outcome – allowing each piece to evolve with intuition. As time passes, these are becoming more abstract and gestural. My sketchbook is an important part of my process, a gathering space to catch inspiration and try new ideas.

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My landscape courses are for you if:

You feel an affinity with nature and would like to capture the landscape

You want to develop your sketchbook practice

You love texture, shape and colour

You want to see how I develop my ideas - gathering, inspiration, techniques, composition

You see stories in the landscape and want to express them

Courses consist of video content and are supported by a private facebook forum for feedback, community and to share ideas. You can access the password protected pages for six weeks and complete the tasks at your own pace. You can find out more details and a materials list on the course listings by clicking the link below. If you have any questions, please get in touch by email or with the chat box.

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