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'Earthing - Texture and Mark' is the first of a series of landscape based courses that will run through the year. I have divided up my processes so that you can join the dots of creating mixed media landscapes; the courses cover inspiration, mark making, abstraction, painting layering, collage and stitch.

This first module looks at using nature as inspiration for creating papers that reflect the textures and patterns of nature. These will help you in telling the story of place in later courses. Or you can create a stash of papers that you can use in mixed-media artwork and sketchbooks.

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When you give yourself permission to play, to go with the flow, it can feel like you are not doing the work of a serious artist. But it is precisely by being curious, by slowing and really looking that you begin to see new things and can start to create a unique narrative about your connection to nature that will give your work its own voice. 

Taking the time to look, to gather images and explore mark making, time to see and mix colours, to experiment with creating textures lays the foundations for creating work with purpose and intent. Taking time to make mistakes will stand you in good stead for developing the work. Connecting with nature, understanding what inspires you, making decisions about what to capture, what to ignore - will all help on the path towards finding and using your authentic voice. 

I'm sure you can find alternatives in your own creative kit but this is what I used during the filming of this course. You may want to watch the video for each section first as I usually suggest different options.

Any underlined words are linked to suggested products - I have no affiliation with any of these stores, they are just for guidance - I just looked for the products in Ebay)

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There are 8 lessons in this workshop. You access them one video at a time. They are split over six pages, you can navigate between the pages using the enlarged text at the bottom of each page, eg 'Tasks' and. You will need the same log-in code for each lesson.

The sessions are self-led so you can access them whenever is convenient for you. You can start and stop them, watch them through and revisit them. But don't forget to get started! Feeling ready is overrated! Don't overthink each stage, the excitement often happens when we go astray!!

You can also click each lesson from here:

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After over 10 years of teaching creative workshops I still think that the best thing about coming on a workshop is seeing what others create. There's something wonderful about giving everyone the same task, the same resources, and then seeing where that takes them. We are all different. We all arrive here with different experiences, and different intentions. This is a playful, creative course. Don't be hard on yourself - there's no right and wrong. This course is just a starting point for something new.

So, please join me over in the Facebook Forum so we can say 'hello' to each other. During the course, as you complete a task, please take a snap of what you're doing and upload it. We're all here to enjoy ourselves so if you're leaving a comment on anybody's work please be kind and constructive.

I will be available in the forum on the day the course launches - and I will check in several times a week to leave comments and feedback on any work you upload. Access to the group and the course content is for six weeks. Your welcome email will tell you the dates. 


Details of how to access the Facebook group are also in your welcome email. When you have been accepted into the group (I will do my best to respond quickly to requests to join the group), tell us your name, and where you are today - maybe take a snapshot of where you are and your creative space - aka the kitchen table! 

And once you've said your 'hellos', click the link below to take you to Session 1 and and let's get creative!


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