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Working from nature, from the source, gathering flowers that inspire and telling stories about your garden, gives authenticity and integrity to your sketchbook. You’ve already lovingly tended your garden, selected plants that have become favourites and now they are picture-perfect.


Being able to sit with them, get to know their details and interpret these with line, shape, colour and pattern - you will create a vibrant sketchbook.


With videos I will show you through my eyes how I tell the visual story of my garden. I will tell you how I compose an image, how I use shape and line to describe what I see and how I layer colour to bring excitement and mixed media accidental happenings to spark joy in the process of creating a vibrant sketchbook.

Finding your creative flow can sometimes be elusive and take longer than a weekend course to accomplish. Being held to account by fulfilling set tasks allows you to create with abandon, getting past your inner critic and surprising yourself by creating a sketchbook full of inspiration to take forwards.

Combining images with words and poems and the details of the beasts and birds that share your piece of land, your sketchbook will be evocative and filled with memories personal to you, helping you find authentic expression.

Whether you are a textile maker, a sketchbook lover or a painter, you will create a beautiful resource of images that can fuel your creative practice and deepen your appreciation for the miracles of 

your garden.


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Filmed during Lockdown in 2020, the year gave so many of us the opportunity to connect with nature, to enjoy our outdoor space and to want to capture the garden in a creative way.


My ethos is that it is best to aim to be curious rather than perfect, and so I take you on a journey of child-like wonderment, encouraging you to play and experiment and ask ‘What if….’


This course is for you if you:


  • Love your garden!

  • Want to find a fun, experimental way of creating mixed-media sketchbooks

  • Like new challenges and are happy to have-a-go

  • Like creating colourful artwork

  • Would like to develop a regular drawing practice

  • Would like to work more intuitively

  • Are curious!

The course consists of video content and is supported by a private facebook forum for feedback. The course starts and ends with a Zoom meet-up. You can access the password protected pages for twelve weeks and revisit the tasks. You can find out more details and a materials list on the course listings by clicking the link. If you have any questions, please get in touch by email or with the chat box.