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I am a soulful creative inspired by nature. Nourishing my well-being helps me keep my creative flow. Many of my courses are rooted in the landscape, sharing my techniques and how I see the world. Nature features in my art and keeps me on track as I walk with the seasons.


I am a Confident, Courageous Creative and I want to guide you to be one too! I haven’t always been – it has taken a long journey of self-acceptance, I was ‘just’ a textile designer, ‘just’ a Mum, ‘just’ made pictures. The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron gave me permission to connect to myself and to call myself an artist. As I have got older, and through having my family, I have accepted creativity as my purpose and that if I deny myself that then I stop being me. Does that resonate with you? Do you put everyone else's needs ahead of your own?

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I nurture creativity. I am The Nurtured Artist. Let me nurture you.  Teaching grew out of exhibiting, often providing workshops in galleries. From a starting point of fear I found that I was good at it! Good at seeing potential, helping others understand what they were good at, and how to develop that. I was able to see where others were unique and give them confidence to grow their creativity. I have always felt that a regular practice is best, starting and getting past the white page/canvas/cloth is where we come unstuck. My courses are about finding a regular practice and getting into your flow. Are you ready to get past fear into a place of freedom and flow?


I am a mindful creative – Life can be a bumpy ride but I realised I needed to be making, painting, cooking and creating every day to fed my soul. No one pours from an empty cup and with a business and family, looking after myself wasn’t always top of my list. Through my experience of burn-out I realised I needed to nourish myself. I hadn’t realised how deficient my life was in self-care until I committed to a regular yoga practice, which led into meditation practice. Wellness through mind, body and spirit has become the backbone of how I live. It’s been radical and has enabled me to step forwards and connect with more people and realise that often our creative blocks are caused by a disconnect from ourselves, putting others needs before our own and dismissing our own nature. Is it time to put your creativity at the top of your to-do list?


I am curious not perfect - I have given up on perfectionism. Instead of aiming to be perfect I aim to be curious – and this forms the root of my teaching. Follow your instincts, journey with your intuition, delve into curiosity and your passions. Try new techniques, fail at new techniques, begin again, and again, and again but keep creating until something clicks, a style, a technique, a motif, a sense of place – because there is such joy in that moment it’s worth it! Are you ready to create with curiosity and joy?

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I was born to create, I love to make, and I live through my heart. I am passionate and sensitive, idealistic and practical. I dream big but my life is rooted in the very real work of raising a family and making a living.


Through the community of women that I have met through teaching and sharing my passion for art, I have found a tribe of like-minded souls – people who live through simplicity, honour beauty and believe in connection.

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Capturing a moment in nature – arrested by the light, the colour, the narrative of a scene became how I expressed myself. The air is always vibrating with images and being an artist is deciding which one to capture!

Join me for a creative, online landscape  course.

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When I am connected to myself, that is where I enter a space where I feel whole. And from that place, I can create. Without the noise of my head, I can be grounded and embrace the energy and power within. When I am there, my art is strong, definite and joyful.

Join me for courses that connect art and soul.

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